Sunday, May 30, 2010

Farm Wars

Chloramine in drinking water

STOP USE OF CHLORAMINE IN DRINKING WATER... Water companies across the US are adding ammonia to your drinking water. Ammonia and chlorine combine to make a compound called "chloramine". It is lethal to fish. Six massive fish kills have been documented in the US and Canada killing everything down to the earthworm. People in 20 states have reported respiratory problems, skin rashes and digestive problems from drinking, cooking with or bathing in chloraminated water. The byproducts of chloramine are 100 TIMES MORE TOXIC than those of chlorine. These byproducts are known to be genotoxic (damage DNA), cytotoxic (damage cells) and carcinogenic (cause cancer).
Chloramine is 20,000 TIMES LESS EFFECTIVE in killing bacteria that cause water borne diseases. Chloramine literally 'eats' rubber fitting in plumbing and leaches lead into your children's water. Lead poisoning can cause developmental disabilities in children. The use of chloramine adds pollutants to the Chesapeake Bay and other watersheds that are destroying these water bodies.
There are alternative methods available to these water companies. They do not have to use chloramine. It is the cheapest alternative available to them. Scientists have no doubt that EPA will eventually regulate chloramine byproducts. That time frame could be 5-15 years. In the meantime the water companies have said they will use it until someone makes them stop! Your signature will help make them stop.
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